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At the Women Entrepreneurs' Expo

Many women are making their mark on business in Central New York.

On January 29, I joined more than 60 other women hoping to advance our business goals at the first annual Women in Business Expo sponsored by the Mohawk Valley Business Women’s Network. Tables lined the hallways and filled a large meeting room at the Marriott hotel on Genesee Street in Utica. As I strolled through the expo, alive with friendly supportive energy, I was impressed by the variety and creativity I found in the products and services of local women entrepreneurs.

For example:

  • With Dwell in Peace, Stephanie Rauscher modifies homes to help people who use wheelchairs or have other special needs enjoy greater independence.

  • Through First Circle Systems, Cimbria Badenhausen uses her expertise in permaculture to help communities and individuals thrive.

  • At Empath Evolution, Michelle Howe shows natural empaths how to better understand themselves and improve their lives.

  • Carrie Santana, at the table next to mine, told me about some of the amazing places she’s visited in far off lands. She designs custom travel experiences for her clients through Around the World Travel Services.

I appreciated the chance to introduce Green Pencil Magazine to a steady stream of people, both women and men, who stopped at my table. And I felt encouraged to see interest and positive reactions. I gave away lots of green pencils printed with the GPM website address and brought home a stack of business cards I collected from the women I met. There just may be some future GPM articles there.

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